Ready to Join Scouts & Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the web site for pack 695!   Ready to Join Cub Scouts? here is an overview of some of the basics of Scouts, as well as information about our Pack

As of September 2010 Pack 695 joined the Pilot program for Kindergarten age boys (Lion Den) if your son is in Kindergarten they may be eligible to participate in this exciting new program (Based on space availability/Yearly Continuation of the Lion Program) contact us to find out more on the Lion program.

if your boy is at least 6-7 years old and starting or in the 1St Grade your son is old enough to join our Tiger Den

if your Son is entering or already in 2nd Grade he will join our Wolf den

if your Son is entering or already in the 3rd Grader he will join our Bear den

and 4th and 5th graders will be 1st and 2nd year Webelo's respectfully

Our Dens Meet every Friday at 7P.M. at 39055 10th Street West in Palmdale and we hold our full Pack meetings on the 4th Friday of every month. (Lion Dens meeting are held as less frequency, except award meetings, check with a Lion leader to get there schedule of meetings)  Your boy may join Scouts at any time throughout the year as long as he meets the criteria listed above. Typically the Scout year starts with the on set of a School year in August or in other cases September.  Pack 695 typically offers a full year of meetings with modified Summer programs. To save time feel free to print and fill out the below Application(s) Tigers must have at least 1 parent/Guardian to volunteer (Adult applications must be accompanied with the Youth Protection training Certificate as well. the link is below. all Adults who register as of June 2010 must also have the same Certificate in order to process the Adult application.  Should you have any questions a Pack representative can assist you.

feel free to look around to help you understand more about scouts and Pack 695 and when your ready to have your boy join scouts contact us by clicking here  Looking for the cost to join follow this link

If you have questions or want more information about the council, please click on the Western Los Angeles County Council patch in the upper right hand corner to be taken directly to their website!



Come to a den or pack meeting and see how much fun Scouting can be!  If you have a financial concern, keep in mind that the BSA believes no boy should be left out of Scouting for the inability to pay. Between fund-raisers and other pack and den activities, all boys wanting to be scouts will be included.  If purchasing a uniform is an issue we have several options for a boy to get his uniform. So no excuses, see you at the next meeting!

The Purposes of Cub Scouting

Since 1930, the Boy Scouts of America has helped younger boys through Cub Scouting. It is a year-round family program designed for boys who are in the first grade through fifth grade (or 7, 8, 9, and 10 years of age). Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting. Currently, Cub Scouting is the largest of the BSA's three membership divisions. (The others are Boy Scouting and Venturing.)

The ten purposes of Cub Scouting are:

  • Character Development
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Good Citizenship
  • Sportsmanship and Fitness
  • Family Understanding
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Personal Achievement
  • Friendly Service
  • Fun and Adventure
  • Preparation for Boy Scouts


Cub Scouting members join a Cub Scout pack and are assigned to a den, usually a neighborhood group of six to eight boys. Lion Cubs (kindergarten), Tiger Cubs (first-graders), Wolf Cub Scouts (second-graders), Bear Cub Scouts (third-graders), and Webelos Scouts (fourth and fifth-graders) meet weekly.

Once a month, all of the dens and family members gather for a pack meeting under the direction of a Cub master and pack committee. The committee includes parents of boys in the pack and members of the chartered organization.


Welcome Lions

The Lion Program is a new pilot program with the Cub Scouts and it's slightly different. We have a set curriculum with the Learning for Life Program that we follow, highlighting topics like Responsibility, Caring, Service, etc. We try to make these lesson plans as exciting as possible, but it is a work in progress. Lions do not wear the traditional Cub Scout Uniform and we do not earn badges and awards like the Cub Scouts. As a Pride, we do give the Lions patches for participating, but they are our own, not the same as the regular Cub Scouts. Lions include boys AND girls that are 5 years old or in Kindergarten. Once the school year is over, we will move up to Tigers in the Cub Scouts. Any female participants in the Lion Program will need to continue their Scouting goals through Girls Scouts. For information on Girl Scout please go to

The Lion program is based on an adult/child relationship. This means that every Lion Cub needs to have a PARTICIPATING adult (parent, sibling, close family friend). This is not encouraged, it is REQUIRED. Unlike the older Cub Scouts (wolves and up) where the boys participate with the Den Leaders while the parents watch from afar, Lions (and Tiger Cubs) must have the adult partner participate with them the entire time. The adult partner not only actively participates in our activities, but they will also assist me in leading the Pride.


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